Located in New
Albin, the Oldest Smokehouse in Iowa

Established in 1882, City Meat Market has been a family owned business for over 100 years. Home-made sausages and other quality smoked meats. Also known for our hickory smoked bacon!

Welcome to City Meat Market.

As a Family owned business of over 100 years, we have many years of proper experience. From fresh cut steaks, to hickory smoked bacon and jerky, we create delicious, custom meats! Here at City Meat Market, we are confident our customers will always be satisfied.

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What do we do?

We take pride in our fresh, custom meats. We take orders and preform deliveries!
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Why choose us?

We have years of experience, a friendly, dedicated staff and the best meat around!
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What's the next step?

Call, text or email us with any questions or orders. We look forward to hearing from you!

Take a look at our products.

Request a free consultation today.

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Reviews from our customers.

Unexpected variety in such a tiny store in a tiny town! What can you buy here? Wine, wine and beer making supplies, a gun, smoked eggs, meats and cheeses and all kinds of groceries. It’s a fun place to look around

Anne F.

Great old time locker that’s been there forever. The pork jerky is my absolute favorite. Their smoked salmon is delicious. They make spread out of their own home made ring bologna which is great as a cracker spread

Lyle E.

After three instances where trucker friends/relatives mentioned it as the place they make sure to go if they can route through the area, we gave it a shot. Found out they’re not kidding around. Well worth the trip to get out there, best butcher and a great little country store atmosphere. no fuss, friendly staff.

Jer P.

Amazing food. Now that I am back home I regret I did not buy more. People are extremely friendly and welcoming to every one and they offered us to taste everything before we purchased. I have no doubt I will return for more next time I am in this beautiful corner of Iowa.

Tugdual L.

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