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Kari Miller April 1, 2024
"Anytime we are up there for our daughters volleyball tournaments, we make a road trip to the City Meat Market. We never leave without the BEST SMOKED SALMON ever. We now have a "demand" list for people that we have shared this with. Love that they also have a refrigerated vending machine out front in case you can't get there when they are open and you just "have to have" some of that good food. Cheese curds are amazing also. Best part is EVERYONE is so friendly and obviously love what they do!"
Merry Uchiyama March 27, 2024
"AMAZING. Pick out some sausage, meat sticks, cheese curds and sod, what a picnic lunch!!!! Soooo tasty! 10 flavors of cheese curds, Cajun was our favorite. We also liked the smoked corn beef. Next time, we’ll try the seasoned pork steaks. What a treat!"
Travis Torgerson March 9, 2024
"Best meat market in the area. Excellent jerkey and snack sticks. Well worth the trip to New Albin for it. Try the turkey jerky if they have it available, it's to die for!"
Matt Martin February 9, 2024
"Anytime I pass through I have to stop for some jerky. And after trying their mango habanero cheese curds the last time I'll have to add that to my list too."
Don Kelley November 30, 2023
"Took A Drive Up to Lancing to See That Neat Old Bridge Over the Mississippi River Before They Demolish It, We Bought Beef Jerky & When Leaving Got to Car Did Taste Test & Went Right Back Inside to Buy More Things "The Best Meat Market" I Visit Lots Of Lockers Around Iowa, Hunting For Beef Sticks & Jerky Just Head North Out Of Lancing Along River About 10 Minutes, You Will Not Be Disappointed Don't Forget To Bring An Empty Cooler Stock Up It's Woth The Drive."
Diane Novak November 14, 2023
"Love the T Bone steaks. The best around"