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Don Kelley November 30, 2023
"Took A Drive Up to Lancing to See That Neat Old Bridge Over the Mississippi River Before They Demolish It, We Bought Beef Jerky & When Leaving Got to Car Did Taste Test & Went Right Back Inside to Buy More Things "The Best Meat Market" I Visit Lots Of Lockers Around Iowa, Hunting For Beef Sticks & Jerky Just Head North Out Of Lancing Along River About 10 Minutes, You Will Not Be Disappointed Don't Forget To Bring An Empty Cooler Stock Up It's Woth The Drive."
Diane Novak November 14, 2023
"Love the T Bone steaks. The best around"
Chad Tesar October 31, 2023
"Hidden gem of a meat market everything is delicious from prime rib roast , pork jerky ,smoked salmon ,double smoked hams to there ring bologne fantastic place !"
James Golden October 12, 2023
"While traveling through NE Iowa (from Arizona), I stopped in to get some Jerky. This was by far the best jerky I have ever tasted...... Nothing on the West Coast or Southwest compares. "
Dave Kroeger October 2, 2023
"Friendly staff. Got some bottled flavor sodas for my brother. Great prices too."
Greg Timmerman October 2, 2023
"I go an hour out of my way every trip I make home from Minneapolis for their jerky and smoked salmon. Best smoke salmon I've ever had."